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We offer a variety of classes for mother’s-to-be and their families. All classes are free, some with limited capacity so please register ahead of time if possible. Registration includes one guest. All classes begin at 6 p.m. in Owen Auditorium, located on the first floor of Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center.

To register, please visit our events page

If you have any questions or need more information, please call (337) 289-7780.

Labor & Delivery Process
Labor & Delivery discusses admission, labor and anesthesia options. A birth film is shown. 

The accompanying class on cesarean childbirth covers the reasons a c-section would be needed and includes a video of c-section deliveries and postpartum care of mom and her newborn. It is recommended this class be taken during your third trimester of pregnancy. 

Newborn Care
Newborn Care discusses characteristics of a newborn, including feeding and basic care needs, with techniques parents can use to maximize sensory potential of their newborns. 

Breastfeeding Your Infant
Breastfeeding Your Infant tackles preparation, breastfeeding techniques and potential concerns.

Breastfeeding Support for the Working Mother
Breastfeeding Support for the Working Mother is for soon-to-be and current mothers to plan to combine working and breastfeeding. Ways to continue to provide a high supply, pumping at the workplace and how to maintain a breastfeeding relationship with your baby is discussed. 

Children’s Prenatal Class for “Big Brothers and Big Sisters”
This prenatal class discusses care for a newborn, feeding, diapering and adjusting to a new family member. Please note that this class is for children ages 4 years and up. Please have them bring a baby doll or a stuffed animal. Parents do stay with their children for this class. 

Infant CPR
Teaches infant CPR to parents and other interested persons. This course is instructional only and does not offer official certification. 

Parents of Multiples Support Group
Support group for parents of multiples of all ages, including those pregnant with multiples. This group will focus on the unique joys and challenges that come with a multiple pregnancy and raising twins, triplets, and more! 

To register, please visit our events page