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Healthcare Innovation Fund (HIF) is a corporate venture fund that supports emerging companies driving transformation and innovation in health care. By investing at the system level, we seek to

  • Drastically improve the quality of patient care/experience;
  • Highly accelerate the movement towards value based payments;
  • Fundamentally innovate back office automation and productivity;
  • Radically use data and deep learning tools to profoundly affect healthcare delivery.

How do we work?

HIF’s approach is highly collaborative. Our mission is to catalyze fundamental transformation in US healthcare. Together with our investors (Acadian Companies, Lafayette General Health System, LHC Group, Ochsner Health System, and William C. Schumacher Family Foundation), HIF is creating an ecosystem of best-in-class partners who work together to tackle our largest healthcare challenges. The systemic solutions we’re creating address the scale of the problems we have in our broken healthcare system.

How will we overhaul U.S. healthcare?

By building the right solutions to patient care/experience, value based payments, back office automation, and data coupled with deep learning, HIF is the ideal partner and investor for the three reasons:

Inherent Expertise
The subject matter expert and clinician perspective informs every aspect of HIF’s approach to healthcare innovation. Our executives and advisors have decades of experience in medicine, AI, machine learning, security, network design, systems engineering, design thinking, market adoption strategies, IT management, venture investing, business management, and public health. We become our investments’ sandbox for the development and commercialization of transformative solutions.

Vast Scale
Given the integrative and deep relationships with our investors, and the fact that these investors represent the complete continuum of patient care, HIF interacts regularly with a broad network of key healthcare thought leaders and gathers important insights from their subject matter experts. To develop solutions that scale, we, and our investments, see the whole picture.

Powerful Collaboration
Our network of investors and subject matter experts bring together cross-sector visionaries in healthcare and technology to develop and commercialize solutions. Working together, across all healthcare disciplines, we remove the silos of healthcare. This creates the platform to address the biggest challenges through our investments in emerging companies who are at the forefront of driving transformation and innovation.

Investment Criteria

Our due diligence process leverages the intellectual resources and insight of professionals and subject matter experts across our investor base. In addition to financial returns, opportunities are evaluated for fit with strategic priorities of our investors and fund focus.

Investment Focus
Investments in companies that are delivering transformative and innovative solutions in patient care/experience, value based payments, back office automation, and data coupled with deep learning.

Investment Size
$250,000- $500,000 per round and no more than $1 million per company.

Company Stage
Early stage and within three to five years of a potential liquidating event.

Adoption Potential
Sustainable competitive advantage with compelling benefit sufficient to influence market adoption.

Management Team
Team must have demonstrated relevant experience, depth and capability to build the business to scale and attract customers.

HIF typically requests a Board seat or Board observation rights for each portfolio company.

Contact us:
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