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Road to Good Health

Ochsner St. Martin Hospital is offering a FREE 6-week education series focusing on healthy eating and weight loss.

Space is limited. This series is for adults 18 and older. Please bring a list of your medications to the first meeting. There will be an initial health assessment and weekly weigh-ins.



  • Assessment: Weight, BMI, % of Body Fat
  • Discussion of BMI
  • Discussion of Program Goals
  • Motivation Discussion
  • Weekly Weight Options
  • Dietary Log Kept Weekly
  • Healthy Breakfast (On the Go)


  • How to Shop at the Grocery Store
  • Read Labels
  • Portion Sizes
  • Easy Brown Bag Lunches
  • Review Dietary Log
  • Provide Healthy Recipes


  • Safe Weight Loss
  • Exercising with a Physical Therapist (Upper Body)
  • Discussion on Disease Process (HTN, Cardiovascular, Obesity)
  • Review Dietary Log


  • Effects of Weight Loss on Disease (DM, Gout, Sleep Apnea)
  • Exercise Cover by Physical Therapist (Lower Body)
  • Tips on Handling Stress
  • Review Dietary Log


  • Popular Diets
  • Quick and Healthy Dinner Ideas
  • Building a Healthy Salad
  • Recipes
  • Review Dietary Log


  • Final Weigh-in
  • Navigating Fast Food (Healthy Options)
  • Information Regarding 100 Calorie Snack List
  • 100 Calorie Cocktails
  • One Pot Meal Recipes
  • Healthy Summer Recipes
  • Form-Feedback Survey