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Breast Care at Ochsner Lafayette General

The breast care program at Ochsner Lafayette General provides women with comprehensive options across Acadiana. From mammography and imaging services to surgical breast reconstruction and cancer treatment options, our expert staff offers a personalized continuum of care for each of our patients. 

What is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is an electronic photo taken of the breast that physicians use to detect early signs of breast cancer. Having a mammogram is uncomfortable for most women, and some might even find it painful. This is dependent on the size of your breasts and how much they need to be pressed. Any discomfort or pain is over after a few moments. 

How Often Should I Get a Mammogram?

According to the American Cancer Society, starting at age 40, women with average risk should begin screening with a mammogram every year. Women with high risk (20 – 25% greater than the average population), either from genetic testing, radiation therapy at an early age or based on family history, should get a breast MRI and mammogram every year starting at age 30. For more information, ask your healthcare provider or OBGYN which preventative measures are right for you.

Tips for Preparing for and Getting a Mammogram

Consider your cycle

  • Avoid scheduling your mammogram the week before or during your period. Sensitivity during this time might make the experience more uncomfortable. 

Dress accordingly

  •  Avoid wearing any perfume, fragrant powder or deodorant as these can show up on a mammogram as white spots. 
  • Consider wearing separates when picking an outfit. You will need to undress from the waist up for the mammogram. 

Alert us of past mammograms

  • If this is your first mammogram at Ochsner Lafayette General, bring a list of prior mammograms, biopsies or breast imaging from other facilities. This allows the radiologist to compare them to look for changes. 

These tips on preparing for a mammogram are also available for download.

To receive a mammogram, a referral is needed. Please contact your primary care physician to begin this process. 

Need a primary care physician? Click here to schedule with one today!

Multiple Locations. Same Care.

With Ochsner Lafayette General, you’ll receive the same level of care at all of our facilities. Plus, from routine checkups to biopsies, imaging and more, your records and progress will carry over throughout our system. 

Ochsner Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital
1310 West 7th Street
Kaplan, LA 70548

Ochsner Acadia General Hospital
1305 Crowley Rayne Hwy.
Crowley, LA 70526

Ochsner Lafayette General Breast Center
1448 South College Road
Lafayette, LA 70503

Ochsner St. Martin Hospital
210 Champagne Boulevard
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

Ochsner University Hospital & Clinics
2390 West Congress Street
Lafayette, LA 70506