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Lung Mass

Oftentimes, while conducting chest X-rays or CT scans for other ailments, lung nodules, less than 3 cm in diameter, are discovered. If the growth is larger than that, it is known as a pulmonary mass. While most nodules are benign, cancerous nodules can grow quickly and require immediate attention and follow up. Early detection is critical, and that is why Ochsner Cancer Center of Acadiana at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center has created the Lung Mass Clinic – the only dedicated lung cancer center in Southwest Louisiana. The Clinic is intended to give patients with suspected lung cancer a faster diagnosis and treatment.

Advanced Diagnostics

Patients are diagnosed and treated with not only the best imaging equipment available, but by the largest Pulmonologist group in Lafayette, with the most combined experience in the area. While lung cancer screenings can be performed using a low-dose CT scan, the most advanced diagnostic technology is available, enabling faster, safer and more accurate diagnoses.

There are several ways to determine whether or not a nodule or mass is cancerous. The 64-slice CT and the latest 3T MRI at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center are trusted for their speed and accuracy.

One of the Lung Mass Clinic’s premier diagnostic tools is the SuperDimension Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) that uses minimally invasive technology, similar to GPS (Global Positioning System), to guide the physician through patients’ airways and take lung tissue samples in regions previously unreachable. This leading-edge technology, available nowhere else in Lafayette, provides for a more accurate diagnosis.

The Olympus Endobronchial Ultrasound, also minimally invasive, allows physicians to see beyond the bronchial wall to diseased tissue, lymph nodes or lesions outside of the bronchial airway. Radial ultrasound provides a 360-degree image of the airway wall and surrounding structures. Curvilinear ultrasound provides a 60-degree image of the airway wall and surrounding structures.

Candidates for Lung Mass Screenings

If a mass is detected in the lung, no matter what the size, patients should be referred to the Lung Mass Clinic. Others who would benefit most from lung mass screenings would be those at high risk: heavy smokers, those with a history of lung cancer or those who work in environments that might contribute to lung cancer.

Screening Criteria (must meet all criteria)

  • > 30 “Pack Years”
  • 55-75 years old
  • Asymptomatic
  • Current or former smoker

Providers can refer patients by downloading our Lung Screening CT Scan Order.

Fast Assessments & Treatment

The referring physician will receive a follow-up call from the Clinic with an update of their patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. The Lung Mass Clinic has comprehensive specialists on its main campus to treat the patient. A skilled team of pathologists, radiologists, pulmonologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and others formulate an individualized treatment plan.

Patients will not have to leave the area or travel to multiple facilities to get the care needed. Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center has all the resources available on its campus. Ochsner Cancer Center of Acadiana at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center is recognized as an Accredited Cancer Program by The American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. Ochsner Cancer Center of Acadiana at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center houses the largest infusion center in Louisiana.

Download our Lung Mass Clinic brochure to learn more! Get the help you need to stop smoking today by visiting the Smoking Cessation Trust.