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Ear ExamEar, Nose and Throat (otolaryngology) is the branch of medicine and surgery that focuses on ailments and disorders in the head and neck. Ochsner Lafayette General offers comprehensive ENT care and treatment options for patients of any age at various locations within the system. Our physicians and staff are prepared to handle a multitude of conditions commonly associated with the ear, nose, throat, respiratory tract and other related parts and structures of the upper extremities of the body.

Whether you need help with allergies, voice and hearing problems — or complex head and neck tumors — Acadiana-based otolaryngologists are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced technologies and care.

For added convenience, we offer:

  • Onsite computed tomography (CT) scans of the sinuses and ear for quick turnaround of results
  • An onsite laboratory for in-office allergy and skin testing

Treatment Advancements:

  • Balloon Sinuplasty is a noninvasive procedure that uses a tiny balloon catheter to open blocked sinus passages and help drain mucus buildup.
  • Sublingual Allergy Drops replace allergy shots and are equally as effective. 

When surgery is necessary, most procedures take place at either Ochsner Lafayette General Surgical Hospital— An Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center Campus or Oil Center Surgical Plaza located in the Medical Office Building at 1000 W. Pinhook Road. Should an overnight stay be required, our patient suites are private and equipped with sofa beds for loved ones.