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Deep Brain Stimulation, often referred to as DBS therapy, surgically implants a medical device, similar to a cardiac pacemaker, under the collarbone. The device delivers electrical impulses through very thin wires to precisely targeted areas of the brain associated with motor control and muscle function.

Electrical stimulation of these areas of the brain offsets the tremors from conditions associated with Essential Tremor, dystonia and Parkinson’s Disease. The stimulation can be programmed, turned off and on or adjusted non-invasively by a trained clinician to maximize symptom control and minimize side effects.

Renowned neurosurgeon Alan Appley, MD, of the Neuroscience Center of Acadiana, performs the DBS procedure at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center.

DBS therapy is proven to reduce some of the most disabling symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor, including: stiffness or inflexibility of the limbs or joints; slowness/absence of movement; and involuntary, rhythmic shaking of a limb, the head or the entire body.