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The main focus of reconstructive surgery differs from that of cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery aims to restore or improve function to the body and/or approximate a normal appearance.

Patients who generally seek reconstructive surgery are those with congenital deformities or birth defects, and those with developmental deformities acquired by accident, infection, disease or aging.

Our surgeons understand “acceptable” is not enough, and are focused on improving your appearance, function, mobility and overall quality of life.

Dr. Lupo and Dr. Fontenot are determined to provide you with the best personalized treatment plan to enhance your quality of life. Both surgeons will go over your personal goals and expectations, while reviewing your medical history and develop the best customized treatment plan for you.

All procedures are delivered with compassionate care. Our goal is to provide you with the proper knowledge of all procedures, leaving you with a realistic view of what to expect in order to make an informed decision.

Whether through post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, hand surgery, scar revision or other procedures, we can assist you in achieving your reconstruction goals allowing you to feel amazing in your own body. Call us at 337-504-3640 to improve your life.

Reconstructive surgery procedures offered by our Lafayette plastic surgeons include:

  • Breast Reconstruction -
    • DIEP Flap Post Mastectomy
    • Revision Surgery
    • Implant and Natural Tissue Based
  • Hand Surgery
  • Advanced Microvascular Surgery
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction – Post Trauma and Tumor Removal
  • Scar Revision
  • Tumor Removal, Including Skin Cancer
  • Dog Bite Repair