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When you need a doctor and don’t have a regular physician, a primary care physician is the first person to contact in case of an undiagnosed, non-emergent concern. Ochsner Lafayette General employs a team of exceptional Family Medicine and Internal Medicine physicians, to see patients at a number of facilities across Acadiana.

The role of the primary care physician is to be your go-to, regular doctor for any general medical needs and inquiries. These family medicine doctors get to know you better and become familiar with your background, medical history, routines and family health history. The more these doctors know about their patients, the more likely their outcomes will be better.

Sometimes, your primary care physician is unavailable. In those instances, Ochsner Lafayette General partners with a hospitalist services program to provide experienced primary care practitioners to serve hospital patients so that you’re left in quality hands. You can then return to seeing your primary care physician once you are out of the hospital.

In addition, Ochsner Lafayette General has four Urgent Care Centers that provide treatment for minor illness and injuries when your primary care physician isn’t able to see you after hours or due to a full schedule. After your urgent care visit, your updated medical record is available to your primary care physician, keeping them informed of your recent medical visit.

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