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Each year, Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center sees thousands of patients who suffer from various types of respiratory diseases. Our pulmonary patients are diagnosed and treated by the largest group of pulmonary specialists in Lafayette, with the most combined experience in the area. These board-certified physicians treat a wide array of lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, cancers, pneumonia and fibroses.


Pictured (front row), from left: Brad Broussard, MD, John Williams, MD, Jody Rosson, MD, Kendra McAnally, DO, Gary Guidry, MD,

(back row) from left: Dwayne Brown, MD, Matthew Dauterive, MD

Pulmonology deals primarily with complications of the respiratory tract. But, this particular field of medicine is also closely associated with critical care medicine, and many pulmonologists are certified to practice both. Therefore, Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center staffs an ideally-suited team of these physicians in its emergency room and ICU.

Our Experienced Team of Pulmonary Specialists

The board-certified pulmonologists of Ochsner Lafayette General are some of the top physicians in the region, capable of addressing an array of conditions such as diseases of the lungs, exposure to toxins (smoke, fumes, etc.), reactions to infectious agents and autoimmune afflictions. Their adept skills are paired with the rich compassion and genuine bedside manner that you can expect from any Ochsner Lafayette General facility.

Pulmonary Intensivist Program 

Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center's pulmonary intensivist program is the only one in Acadiana and one of only a handful in the state. This group of board-certified pulmonologists is available to provide critical care 24 hours day/365 days a year to all patients in Ochsner Lafayette General’s 34-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

The intensivists work hand-in-hand with hospital staff to improve quality and patient satisfaction and to facilitate best practices relative to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) Core Measures. They are responsible for coordination of care of the ICU patients, equipment, facilities, programs, personnel and professional services necessary to the provision of ventilator care management in the ICU.

Their presence in the ICU allows them to be much more aggressive with interventions and procedures that will improve patient outcomes. Working in one of the busiest ICU’s in the state, these physicians will provide efficient and cost-effective critical care. Their care to patients reduces ventilator-associated pneumonia and time on the ventilator. Studies show that intensivists reduce the risk of patients dying in the ICU by 40 percent.

Advanced Respiratory Testing 

Ochsner Lafayette General was the first hospital in the state to use a proprietary molecular genetic technology to specifically test for respiratory infectious diseases. Target Enriched Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (Tem-PR) is a revolutionary nasal wash test that allows physicians to test for multiple infections, both viral and bacterial in as little as four hours. With this test, pulmonologists are able to quickly and more accurately diagnose a respiratory infection as well as co-infections, which may go undetected using more traditional testing.

Reaching Lung Lesions

We are now able to detect lesions on areas of the lung that were previously inaccessible. The advanced InReach lung navigation system gives access to the smaller branches of the lung, where cancers often begin. Using a minimally-invasive navigational catheter, pulmonologists are able to locate, test and plan treatment for lung lesions and lymph nodes that are difficult to access with a traditional bronchoscope.

Lung Mass Clinic 

When a sizeable nodule or mass is detected on the lung, usually during an x-ray or CT scan, immediate attention is needed. That’s why Ochsner Cancer Center of Acadiana at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center has created the Lung Mass Clinic – the only dedicated lung cancer screening center in Louisiana. Located in The Burdin Riehl Center, across from the hospital, the clinic is intended to give patients with suspect lung cancer a faster diagnosis and treatment.