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Happy couple talking to doctorUrology requires some of the most advanced practices in medicine involving innovative techniques and highly-skilled physicians. Through Ochsner Lafayette General, you get all of the above.

Because of the close relationship between the urinary and reproductive tracts involved in urology, disorders of one can often affect the other. That’s why it’s necessary to have physicians with knowledge that spans several medical fields, and tools at the forefront of the industry to offer tender, comprehensive care. Whether it’s the daVinci Surgical Robot, laparoscopic tools or CyberKnife, non- or minimally-invasive techniques are available to assure that comfort and recovery are the primary concerns of our urology experts.

Serving the Lafayette and greater Acadiana area, the urologists of Ochsner Lafayette General bring decades of medical experience and the ability to treat a full spectrum of urological disorders, including urinary tract infections and complications commonly associated with the kidneys, erectile dysfunction, adrenal glands, urethra, prostate and bladder, amongst others.